Velkommen til!

Velkommen til denne blog, som bliver jeres mulighed for at følge primært de danske elever, der drager til Bexhill-on-sea denne sommer med STS Sprogrejser, men der vil unægteligt også komme noget omkring både de svenske og norske elever, som vi skal dele oplevelser med! :-)

torsdag den 24. november 2011

The last song!

Well it's been quite a while since we returned to our respectively countries again, I've had the pleasure of seeing most of the Danish kids again at the STS reunion party in Sept. in Odense and some of the Swedish and Norwegian at the reunion in Gothenburg in Oct....Was very nice!
In 2 weeks time both this years and last years Bexhill kids from Dk will come to visit me in Aarhus, were we will spend a weekend together, having fun and doing christmas stuff....:-D
Last but not least I'll give you all a link to end off the blogging with....The link is to a youtube film, a filming we did this summer...All the kids singing their song "We're having fun"


onsdag den 13. juli 2011

Diaries July 12th.


Dear Diary
Yesterday we went to Hastings Castle. It was interesting :-D And then we went to Shake away. I got a banana milkshake. And earliere when we were in school we sang our STS song. And it sounded good.
And Katarina, Marie and Rebecka played "tumberne spies" It was kind of weired. and we went to Egerton park, where we had sportsday. And we played American football and football and our team lost. I can't play rugby, it is a weired sport!


Yesterday it was my birthday we had lessons in the morning. then they all sang "happy birthday" for me, and I got a present! It was great!
Then we went to a castle in Hastings. it was wery exiting!
Celine, Elvira, Mads and Frederik made my favorite dinner for me. Wery sweet of them!
Then we went to the park to do some sport.
When I got home I got some cake. Tasted wery good.


Hello my name is Ida and I'm going to tell about what I did yesterday.
Firs I vent to School when all had come I go to the classroom. First we rehearsed our song. after that we go to the other classroom and learn other things.
After that we go down to the train station. The train took os to Hastingscastle. It was verry beauteful.
After bieng there in about an hour the train took ud back to Bexhill. After that I was go home.
At 7 o'clock we had sportsday in the park it was fun
then I go home and fell asleep


Yesterday we were in Hastings carstel and after the carstel we were in the park and so we play so many funny games ex. baseball and rugby and foodball and I can tell you that STS is the best I have try.

Emilie and Line

Yesterday we were in school. we continued the STS song. we sang the STS song to Lotte (Danish office red.). Trine, Laura and Rebecka had their birthdays. They had presents.
After school we were on a Hastings castle. we saw a movies.
After dinner we went to the park. we played sports, -it is funny.

Diaries July 11th.


Yesterday I woke up at 7.55, I went down eat breakfast and then I went to brush my teeth
I went to school with Louise, Katarina and Line.
We had Marie-Louise and Alex and after we went to minigolf and I loose :-(
I went home and eat dinner, and after my grandmother came and we went to the beach and after we went to The Italian Way.
We went home and I fell asleep.


Yesterday we road a song to STS's vidio, after that we went to play minigolf I was okay I came nuber 2.
After dinner we went to Tesco (It is a supermarket) to bye gifts and food to trines birthday party.
In the supermarket we ran into Mads, Frederik, Louise, Helene, Caroline, Laura og Katrine.
Wen we came home we wats a really funny movie
after that we all went to bed.


Yesterday we went to play minigolf thats was wery fun.
In the morning we went to school. In the school we make a song with Marie-Louise.
After the school we play minigolf. I am so good to minigolf. I came to the 3rd. plas. After we have play minigolf was me and Amanda go to Bexhill centrum befor shopping.
I the afternoon me and Amands reid "The Vampary daries" We sleep 10.30 pm.


Yesterday in the morning we were in school, that was ok.
But after that we went to Hastings and there we played minigolf.
In the beginning I was really bad to it. But to the end i came in a second place.
In the afternoon me and Marie readed a lot of The vampire Diarys and eat chips.
That was nice.

mandag den 11. juli 2011

The album!

I've updated the album, so please check it out here:

Diaries July 10th.


Yesterday we got on the train to Brighton. When we got there we had a hour on the seafron. I bought a burger and a sprite. There were also an amusement park but we went in there. Then we went  to the shopping center I bought converse shoes and some movies and rings. When we came home we got into some taxies and they drove us home. In the evening we saw some movies with the kids.


Yesterday I went to Brighton to shopping. Thats was fun. In the evening I went to the park with Amanda and Ulrika and Rebecka. Me and Amanda and Ulrika and Rebecka went to the Italy way. Then I came home and me and Amanda went to slepping.


Yesterday we went to Brighton, and that was funny, we shopping in a center and out, I bought a T-shirt and pants, I go with Katrine and Emilie.
We was in a "tivoli" and me and Sofia got a henna tatoo, on my hand, in the "Tivoli" we was in a ghost house :-) and a rollercoaster.
When we came home I go to the park with Amanda, Marie and Rebecka.
bye bye

Louise O.

Yesterday I was in Brighton.
In Brighton there was a very good shoppingcenter I bought a neckles and some earrings and high waisted short. they was so pretty and after the shopping  we took the train home to Bexhill.


Hello my name is Sophia and I'm gonna tell you about what happened yesterday.
We went to brighton and shopping ive got three henna tattoos and  two shirts and a sweatshirt in black
And it was a funny day.

lørdag den 9. juli 2011


Today was the day we all had been waiting for! LONDON...
We all met at the school at 9, both Norwegians, Swedes and Danes. Ready for a day out. When the coaches arrived we climbed on board and off we went. The Norwegians and Danes shared one Coach and the Swedes had their own.
We arrived in London just around lunch time, and with only a few motionsick kids :-S. The coach dropped us of on the Victoria Embankment and then our ways seperated. But all ended up seeing just about the same. We, the Danes, walked down the Embankment and stumbled upon a tiny Ben & Jerrys shop, so that left us with no excuse for an Ice-cream....We didn't have lunch yet though, so when we saw a street burger shop we invated it, burgers and hotdogs for almost everyone. (some even finished of the lunch with yet another Ben & Jerrys!!!!). Then we walked along and the next stop was a tiny pancake shop, so again we invated the shop. At this time Merri and I were talking about what a shame it would be to just see food shops in London. But after 10-15 min. of pancakes and juice we went walking again.
Then we went to the Parliament Square where we saw The House of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, The castle of Westminster and the Victoria park.
After a quick rest because of rain we went on to Buckingham Palace. What a big building, several of the kids mentioned how they felt sorry for the Queen, she couldn't even just go out for Ice or milk...:-)
When everyone had taken enough pictures around the castle we went to St. Johns park, where we were amazed by the squirrels that ran between our legs and the geese that were there. We also saw a brassband playing in the park.
Then it was time to go back to the coach and get back safe to Bexhill, but on our way we passed some guards on horses and Downing street and the kids had time for some souvenir shopping!
On the way home on the coach it was a bit quiet and some mentioned that they didn't like it in London, because of the crowd of people we had to go through all the time.
Tomorrow is Brighton and we are all looking forward to a whole day filled with shopping!!!! :-)

Check out the album:

Friday according to Merri :)

Friday we went to Smuggler's Adventure in Hastings. Smuggler's Adventure is underground caves used by smugglers and thieves to hide their goods. On the way to the caves we had to climp up a very long stair - it went up and up and up... When we got there we found out that the caves were very dark and narrow - a little bit scarry actually! But we went in and it was very exiting. We saw some videos about smugglers and then we went in the giftshop to buy some scarry things like red candy blood and little skulls! In the evening we had Crazy Games in the park - it was craaaazy!